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Top Five Friday: Character Types

Everybody has a type. That one (or in this case, five) type of person who they can’t help falling for. I freely admit that mine tend to fall into the same category; it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to like the one who’s kind of a dick. Most of these are villains. Shocking, I know. I do have a few variants, though! Anyway, here goes!

Anime Glasses Guy

Japan is really helpful about making sure you know what a character is like at first glance.


I can tell you immediately which of these guys I’m going to like, because I can tell what kind of person they are just by their character design. The short one is going to be bubbly and cute, the tallest/biggest one is going to be quiet, and the one with glasses is going to smart and reserved and/or cold. I like that one. I haven’t even seen more than bits and pieces of Cute Earth Defense Club Love, and FFXV isn’t out yet, but I can already tell you which character is going to be my favorite. It’s the dick in the glasses.

The Scholar


Sometimes this overlaps a little with Anime Glasses Guy, but they’re not always the same kind of person. The Scholar comes in a few flavors: the scatterbrained hermit, usually some sort of mage in a tower type; the I-Don’t-Understand-Human-Emotion scientist who pushes the boundaries of ethics; the soft-spoken one who likes books better than people…there are definitely more. I like all of them.

Tough Guy with a Gooey Inside


I have such a crush on this dude it’s not even funny. The characters who are stoic and deadly but have a soft, gentle side always get me. Even better if it’s just for that one special person who they let see inside. Illya is a particularly good example because he not only has a soft spot, he gets downright nervous, and that is just adorable. Raphael from the Ninja Turtles is another example of this. He’s brash and distant, but when it comes to April, he softens up just a little and always makes sure she’s safe.

The Posh, Ruthless One


The word “unrepentant” also comes to mind here. Hans Landa was a complete and utter bastard, and Christ, did I love him. Sure, he’s a Nazi, and that’s not okay, but as a character, he’s perfect. Hannibal Lecter also belongs in this list. I love a guy who will tear your guts open and then complain that you got blood on his shirt. That’s my type. Honestly, I wanted to put a picture here of Rainer, from Michelle Kay’s upcoming werewolf-dystopian novel, but IT’S NOT OUT YET. WHY. He’s awful and amazing and I’m super jealous that he’s not mine. Keep a lookout for him.

The Lovable Rogue


Artwork by Viktopia.

Everybody loves a smartass thief, right? There are infinite examples of this type. Han Solo, Flynn Rider, Malcolm Reynolds, Peter Quill, and, of course, Zevran Arainai. Zevran has literally been hired to kill you when you first meet him, and in the ten-minute conversation you have with him bound and at your mercy, he convinced me to not only allow him to live, but to let him join my party and sleep with me. And he actually sticks by you! He’s the best! (I mean, he doesn’t have to, because it’s Dragon Age, but if he doesn’t, it’s because you treated him like shit.) Anyway, I love a cheeky bastard, and he’s one of the cheekiest and bastardiest.

Let me know who you like! What type makes you swoon, either with love or envy?

Top Five Friday: Character Pairings

We all do it. Sometimes you feel like all the signs are there, that two characters are clearly meant for each other, or they’re totally already a thing and just won’t admit it. Sometimes most people agree with you, and sometimes you just seem like the lecherous straw-grasper you know you are.

Ship's captain

Stand proud.

Okay, here we go. In ascending order of importance. (Don’t forget to check Lindsay, K.M., and J.S. too!)

5. Jack Frost and Pitch Black


Artwork by tometo.

I felt like Pitch got a super bum deal in this movie. I mean, he and Jack literally have the exact same problem, but somehow Pitch is the villain because the thing that makes kids believe in him is being afraid? That’s some bullshit. I want Jack to go dark side.

I also would have accepted Jack and Elsa, because, come on, super cute.

4. Percy Jackson and Jason Grace


I don’t really have much of an excuse for this one. They’re just so bro-y, and the way they snipe at each other is perfect. I can also get behind adding a spoopy little goth kid into the mix, ifyouknowwhatI’msayin. I don’t know that there’s actually a ton of evidence for this, but I want it anyway.

3. Batman and Catwoman


This shit is meant to be. I know Lindsay is including Batman and Wonder Woman on her list, and I can get behind that too, but Batman and Catwoman understand each other. She’s one of the few villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery that isn’t really that much of a threat, supervillain-wise. She’s a thief, but how much does Batman really care about burglaries when he has people like The Joker and Scarecrow to deal with–people who regularly try to blow up buildings, infect the whole city with poison, and other ridiculous shit? Not to mention the kind of crap he deals with when he’s with the Justice League. Chasing Catwoman probably feels like a vacation for him, and it’s definitely a game to her.

Most importantly, I think, Catwoman is from Gotham, too. I don’t think Bats will ever really connect with someone who doesn’t know his city like he does.

2. Varric Tethras and Cassandra Pentaghast


I really wanted this to happen if you didn’t romance Cassandra. They fight, and Cassandra does a [disgusted noise] at him fairly frequently, but they would be so cute. Going by how many times Varric asks the Inquisitor if Cassandra is still mad, or how she’s doing, he clearly cares what she thinks of him. And Cassandra loves his books, so she obviously knows that despite his rugged outside, Varric is a very kind person with a poet’s heart, which I think is exactly what she wants. I think they have the potential to get along very well, and I think that, given the chance, Varric would absolutely love the opportunity to sweep the lady Seeker off her feet, if only to see her blush.

Also, I think Bioware just doesn’t want you to be able to romance dwarves. (WHERE’S THAT DRINK SCOUT HARDING PROMISED ME, BIOWARE?!)

1. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black


Artwork by Hanaoka.

Okay, if you didn’t know this was going to be my number one, we’ve probably never spoken in depth. I haven’t read Harry Potter in a few years, so I’m not going to go into actual quotes or anything, but pretty much the entire climax of The Prisoner of Azkaban. COME ON. All through the books, Remus is the only one who can get Sirius to get his shit right and play nice. There is so much of them staring at each other, exchanging looks, speaking as a unit when the Order is meeting. Also, let’s mention that Remus is living with Sirius throughout Order of the Phoenix, and not because “the Order told him to” or “Lupin’s broke af and doesn’t have anywhere else to live.” No explanation given except that he’s staying with Sirius. They even give Harry a joint Christmas gift, for fuck’s sake. Also worth mentioning that Remus is pretty much brow-beaten into marrying Tonks, and then is patently miserable for the remainder of the series–until he shows up as a ghost, WITH SIRIUS. I don’t know if JKR meant for this to be a thing and didn’t want to say so, or if she just didn’t realize what she was doing (which seems unlikely, knowing her), or what, but she absolutely treats them as a pair whenever they’re together. Can you tell I’ve had this conversation before?

And in addition to the actual evidence, they’re just adorable. Everyone knows it. “Embraced like brothers,” my ass.


Vampire Hunter D and Left Hand


I mean…c’mon. It’s his hand. It’s happened. We might not want to talk about it, but it’s happened.



Top Five Friday: Sci-fi Movies!

So I’ve decided to make Top Five Friday a thing. Lindsay is also participating, so make sure to check her out too! This week we’re talking about our five favorite sci-fi movies. We were going to do just movies in general, but that was just ridiculously hard, so we decided to split it up by genre. I had a little trouble deciding for myself what qualified as “sci-fi,” since I pretty much only associate it with space, which I know isn’t really accurate. So here goes, again in no particular order.



This movie still gets me. I’ve seen it probably a dozen times, and every single time I feel so tense. Will Ripley stop the self-destruct before she gets murdered? Is the alien right behind her? Most importantly, is Jonesy going to make it? I love how 70’s future it looks, how everything is grungy and tactile and analog. All the futuristic stuff we see now is digital, holograms, touchscreens, and stuff that we have today, so I love seeing how people thought the future would be before we knew that our technology would advance the way it has.


Plus, I mean, the xenomorphs. I literally have a full back tattoo of one of these guys, because I just love them so much. They are adorable. I love hive-mind type aliens (which is why I always play Zerg), and it’s my dream to someday be like Ripley in Alien: Resurrection and just lay around cuddling a pile of these cuties. I would also take Sarah Kerrigan, of course. I’m not picky.

Starship Troopers


I will watch this movie over and over again until the end of time. One of the reasons I knew my husband was the one for me was that I mentioned this movie and he said, “Oh man, that’s my favorite movie of all time.” It’s super cheesy, super 90’s, and super amazing. Even having cast the sandy blond and blue-eyed Casper van Dien as a Filipino character from Buenos Aires whose name in the book was Juan Rico. Whatever.


It’s also another movie where I can’t get over the cuteness of the gross aliens. Just look at that bug. With his widdle mouth-arms. I want to stroke his pointy little mandible thing.

The Fifth Element


Everybody has seen this movie, right? It is ridiculous. But there’s not much better than Chris Tucker in this movie, and Gary Oldman’s weird quasi-Southern accent is perfect. It’s silly and action-y and fun and sincere. Apparently I have a thing for borderline stupid 90’s sci-fi, because this is another movie that I will watch whenever I happen to catch it. The frequency that “Leeloo Dallas Multipass” gets repeated in my house is no joke.

Ghost in the Shell


This was one of those anime movies that I watched before I was really old enough to understand what I was seeing. I just knew that, man, I wanted to be Major Kusanagi. I still kind of do. Ghost in the Shell has had lots of versions and stories now, but the original movie still has a special place in my heart. I’ve always had a thing for AI and robotics, and this is one of those movies that really explores what AI means, both for humans and the entities we create.

I, Robot


Yeah, I know. This movie is considered garbage by a lot of people. But did I mention that I had a thing for robots? I, Robot is one of my favorite books, and while the film version doesn’t really have a lot to do with any of the stories in it, I think it explores the same theme that ties all the stories together. It’s sort of a mystery about trying to find out what exactly is this one robot’s deal, and it talks a lot about the implications of robotics and AI. Sure, it takes the “protecting humans means controlling them and protecting them from themselves” route, which I think is kind of a trope by now. But overall I thought it was a great popcorn movie about robots, which really is all it takes to hook me.

Did any of your favorites make my list? Let me know!

Top Five Nerd Crushes with Lindsay! 1

Today let’s do something fun. My good buddy Lindsay and I decided that today is a good day to talk crushes. I have been known to fangirl in my day, I’ll admit, but it was actually hard for me to come up with this list. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my top five nerdy crushes, presented in no particular order because I couldn’t possibly actually rank them:

Vampire Hunter D


Probably my first ever anime crush. Aw yeah. That sweet 1985 anime art. Honestly, even as a 12-year-old I recognized the artwork in Vampire Hunter D was dated and occasionally weird, but D was just so cool that it never bothered me.

New File (1)016543

This is better, though.


So mysterious.

D is ridiculous. He gets hurt, but it’s always totally okay because D is a super badass whose few weaknesses are largely immaterial. Both movies and the entire book series are like love letters to how amazing he is. He’s super strong, super fast, super attractive, and super ruthless. They actually soften him up a little in the movies compared to the books, I think, but he does have just enough humanity in him that you really think you could be the one to reach him, you know?




Next on the list is another anime crush, but one that I developed as an adult, since I waited a stupidly long time to actually see this movie. Howl is one of those characters that makes me lament the fact that real life is boring, and I’m never going to have a wizard boyfriend who is powerful, kind, gentle, mysterious, and vain.


Or who gets this upset about not being blonde anymore.

Studio Ghibli movies always make me feel like I’m living a mundane half-life full of nothing but paperwork and grocery shopping, but Howl’s Moving Castle also has the benefit of including someone whose love is so sudden, complete, and genuine that it just makes your heart ache.




Dick Grayson


Yeah, yeah, I know. Just about every girl who’s ever picked up a comic book has a crush on Dick Grayson. Just about every girl who’s ever been in a comic book has a crush on Dick Grayson, I think.


Even the villains appreciate dat booty.


Especially when he’s such a cheeky little shit about it.

Incredible butt aside, Dick is stupidly athletic, charming, and brave, and above all, he’s one of the few people in the Bat-Family who really seems to just be having a damn good time. And you have to have respect for someone who was kicking criminal ass and taking names when he was, like, 13. I always think about how frustrating it must be for criminals to get beaten up by someone who hasn’t even hit puberty yet.


Seriously, one of the best Batman runs I’ve seen in a long time.


Dick is also one of the few people who Bruce trusts to take up the cowl in his absence. He’s only one aspect of Bruce (just like all the Robins are–the acrobat, the fighter, the detective), but he’s quick, dedicated, and he’s just got a good heart. He even put up with all of Damian’s bullshit, which is a feat in and of itself.





Garrus Vakarian


I mean, I really don’t have to put anything else here, right? He’s Garrus Goddamn Vakarian. Garrus is the ultimate bro, and he’s my favorite Mass Effect companion regardless of the romance option (which, I mean, obviously). He always has your back. He’s sarcastic, Chaotic Good, and a wicked sharpshooter. Dude showed up at one of the worst shitholes in the galaxy, took a look around at all the drugs and corruption and gangs, and said, “Yeah. I can fix this.” And then he pretty much did.


There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.

As a romance option, he’s far and away my favorite choice. His relationship with Shepard is tentative, awkward, and shows one of the deepest bonds I’ve ever seen between two video game characters. He wants to keep Shepard safe, but he never once treats her like she’s incapable of handling her own shit. He’s supportive and sweet and one of the most battle-ready boyfriends you could ever hope for. He’s the whole package, ladies.


Cassandra Pentaghast


Another video game one. Wow, there isn’t a single real live person on this list. Whatever; don’t judge my life.

Cassandra is who I want to be when I grow up. She’s brave, forthright, and she doesn’t conform to your goddamn gender roles. When she was introduced in Dragon Age II, I kind of got the impression she was a zealot, but as I played through Inquisition, I realized that she’s so much more than she seems. She’s religious, but she knows that other ways exist, and she respects that. I was repeatedly surprised by how thoughtful she was, and how open to new ideas and opinions. She’s tough as nails, but she has a romantic, idealistic heart. She’s honestly one of the most well-written characters I’ve ever come across in any medium.


Plus she’s a total nerd.

She doesn’t see the problem with being a warrior and a woman, and she doesn’t see anything weak about a woman wanting romance or being feminine. She always tries to do what’s right–what she really feels in her gut to be right–and anyone who gets in her way is liable to get plowed over. She is thoroughly her own person, and she doesn’t give a damn what you think.

So, that’s my list! Make sure you check out my friend Lindsay’s page to see her (probably very different) list of nerd crushes, and let me know if you share my love for any of these guys or if you think I’m an idiot; whatever.