2016 Plans, News, and Excitement! (And boys.)

I finally have my year settled as far as convention appearances, which is exciting. I’m doing five this year, which isn’t that many compared to some people I’ve met, but for me it’s a huge step up from last year. Check my Events page for a list of my planned cons. I’m going as far as Louisiana this year, so I’ll get to meet a whole mess of new people! I’m pretty stoked about it. I love doing conventions; I love meeting people and hanging out with nerds and getting to dress up in costumes. It’s a great opportunity to talk to people face to face about my work, and nothing beats the feeling when someone you met on Friday comes back by your booth on Sunday saying, “I started your book, and I love it!”

Seriously, Cloud Nine, you guys.

As far as books go, I have three releases planned so far this year. First on the agenda is Because You Needed Me, the sequel to cheeky paranormal romance Those Words I Dread. It’s full of the tension of new relationships, secrets, and uncertainty, with a heaping pile of snark on top, of course. I know some of you were totally shipping Julien and Noah, so you’ll be glad to know that the story does place more focus on what’s going on with them. It made even my black little heart skip once or twice. This one’s finished, so I’m in the artwork/editing/formatting stage. I’ll be giving everyone a sneak peek of the cover and illustrations on my Facebook over the next couple of weeks, so keep a lookout for them!

Currently in progress is The Left-Hand Path: Runaway, book two in Nathan and Elton’s Wild Ride. I’m in the thick of writing this right now, and I’m very excited. Nathan is always an absolute joy to write, and in Runaway, he’s really getting to let loose and be the pain in the ass Elton always knew he could be. There are explosions, accidental murders, love notes, and scavenger hunts. The gang’s back together, for better or worse, and the Magistrate is going to have their work cut out for them.

A little farther down the line, I’m planning a contemporary paranormal romance about Caleb Durant, the cambion–or demon child–who’s grown up with a religious-obsessed mother telling him that he’s the son of Satan. He’s not (his father’s name is Raum), but that hasn’t stopped his overzealous mother from constantly telling him about his Omen-like destiny. At 17, he’s a little tired of hearing it, honestly. But as his powers grow stronger, he’s experimenting and becoming more comfortable with his fate. Unfortunately, standing in his way is Isaac–kind, churchgoing, and determined to keep Caleb in the Lord’s good graces despite his problematic heritage. I am going to have so much fun with this one, y’all. Some foreshadowing: I found a whole list of Jesus-friendly swear alternatives. Stay tuned for more details on this.

In the meantime, how about the results of this round of model-hunting? You guys guess which one is the half-demon and which one is the good Christian boy.

Hard to call, right? Just kidding.


It’s this one. This one is the demon.

I’m looking forward to getting you guys some more sneak peeks soon! In the meantime, I’m doing an author-centric Instagram challenge, so if you aren’t following me on there, then honestly what are you even doing with yourself. Get your life together.


Wow, I am truly terrible at running a blog.

But I want to get better! This is the part where I catch up.

First of all, I’ve been to a couple of conventions with my books and had a wonderful response from people! It’s always fun to get out there with my fellow nerds and talk to them about nerdy things. The energy you get from a convention is like nothing else. My next appearance will be at FANdom in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, on November 6-8. If you’re on the Gulf Coast, you should definitely come and see me. I’ll be in Artist Alley right next to Michelle Kay and her debut yaoi novel, which you will absolutely definitely want to see.

In even bigger news, I have not one but two novels on pre-order right now! If you know me at all, you’ve heard me talk about The Left-Hand Path, Nathan Moore, and vodou probably more than you like. Well, he’s finally ready for the world. If you like your witches snarky, your cops corruptible, and you like the idea of two men who should be enemies finding a bond, then The Left-Hand Path: Mentor is for you. It’s a reluctant buddy-cop road trip with Nathan’s young apprentice along for the ride, and I’m excited to share their journey with you. It’s the start of a series, so if you like it, you’ll be able to follow Nathan’s exploits as he makes trouble all over the country and beyond.


It’s coming out on Halloween to celebrate Nathan’s birthday, and here’s a special treat: as a special birthday present to Nathan, if you donate to Hope for Haiti now through October 31, you’ll get an incentive. If you donate at least $5, I’ll send you a free ebook copy of The Left-Hand Path: Mentor when it releases. If you donate $25 or more, you’ll get a paperback signed by me and mailed to you. Either way, you’re helping out a great cause that builds schools, provides fresh water, and helps budding entrepreneurs start their businesses. I hope you’ll check it out, and get your pre-order in!

The surprise release here is Those Words I Dread, a supremely cheeky m/m romance set in modern-day Vancouver and featuring four original illustrations. Meet Trent, a misanthropic college kid who lives alone and likes it that way. Enter Ciaran, a bitter fairy with a relentlessly handsome smirk and a smooth Irish brogue. He shows up on Trent’s door injured and on the run from a hunter, and he situates himself in the younger man’s life while he recovers.


Trent is stuck with Ciaran whether he likes it or not, but he may not be able to keep his distance–and the closet he’s put himself in is seeming more cramped by the minute. This one is being released November 6 and is also the start of a series, so check it out and keep an eye on their relationship as love blossoms out of mutual hatred. Make sure to pre-order!

I’m really excited about both of these projects, so I hope you’ll check out one or both, and come see me at FANdom in November! I’ll be doing a couple more in-depth posts about both of these in the coming days, so keep a lookout for some teasers and tidbits.

Website launch!

Well, this is a bit preemptive, but here you are. Look for the announcement of the release of Under the Devil’s Wing, the first book in the Beast of Birmingham trilogy, on Amazon Kindle.

Sam is a werewolf without a cause. He only looks as far ahead as the next drink, the next woman, and the next good time, no matter what he leaves in his wake—mostly bodies and bitter progeny. A ruthless killer and an unrepentant philanderer, he’s spent over a hundred years as a drifter without a conscience. He’s a tall tale, a folk legend among his kind, affectionately nicknamed “Scratch” for the scars on his face and the marks he leaves on his victims.

Alicia is the one who got away. A Marine back from deployment and alone, she thought she’d find comfort in the stranger’s Southern drawl. But after barely surviving a night of Sam’s affections, she’s picking up the pieces when she’s approached by a mysterious man with an offer—take control of your life and hunt down the creature who mutilated you along with any more like him.

Sam doesn’t believe in werewolf hunters, and he definitely doesn’t remember any girl named Alicia, but he and the reluctant accomplices caught in his undertow have attracted the attention of the shadowy organization dedicated to saving the world from people like him.

In the midst of a chase Sam doesn’t even know he’s leading, both he and Alicia are about to be within reach of a man with deadly ambitions, and he will draw them into a conflict bigger than either of them were prepared for.